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Meditation And A Curious Mind


Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it enlightened it :)

Join us today today to explore and deepen your understanding of yourself, the ultimate purpose of yoga.

The search for the truth about ourselves, requires an open and questioning mind. How can we meditate and find greater peace in our everyday world? 

Sitting in meditation can be the most peaceful and nurturing experience there is, but do we take that peace out into the world with us or does it disappear when "life begins" again? 

This workshop is for everyone interested in meditation, for beginning and experienced meditators. We will explore various methods that appear unrelated but ultimately lead to the same end. A curious mind is a must.


"The only thing worth learning is to unlearn. The way to do this is to question everything you think you know." Byron Katie


When: Sunday, April 28.

Time: 1pm - 3:00pm

Cost:$20 per person (monthly membership holders - $15)