Kids Yoga Classes at Yoga on 45th

What is Kids Yoga?

Yoga for kids is built on the principles of traditional yoga, but with slight variations to account for the still developing body and mind of a child. It can take time for most kids to adjust to this. Kids coordination and body awareness are generally at lower levels than adults due to the natural growth and changes experienced as a child transitions from youth to adulthood. Our kids yoga program accounts for this, and modifies a traditional yoga course to better suit their ever changing bodies

What are the benefits of Kids Yoga?

Doing Yoga regularly will help kids achieve greater physical flexibility, better balance as well as improved coordination. The benefits of kids yoga are not limited to the physical. Focus and concentration can be increased in children through yoga, leading to scholastic improvement. Confidence and self esteem can also be bolstered through the practice of learning the various yoga poses. Yoga for kids has been found to be especially helpful for children suffering from ADHD and Autism through the increase in mind-body connection achieved with yoga.

 These Benefits and more can be achieved by enrolling your child in Yoga for Kids at Yoga On 45th!

Kids Yoga runs in 4 week sessions. Please call the studio for more information regarding our kids yoga classes.

Tel: 219-218-2378

Next Kids Yoga session - Monday Feb 27, March 6, 13, 20, 2017.

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Cost for Kids Yoga Class

The Cost for Kids Yoga is $40/session.

Click here to purchase.

Must sign-up for full session. No drop-ins.