Instructor Cheryl Gojko

Cheryl began her journey and love of yoga in 1999 when she was ill and was guided to try yoga to help her. After 2 years of a gently growing yoga practice her choice to become a yoga teacher was her next step.

Cheryl completed a 340 hour teacher training in 2004 and has gone on to continue studying with various local and nationally ranked teachers over the years. She has studied with Paulie Zink, a master in The Art of Yin and Yang yoga, over the last 5 years and is now completing her 200 hour teacher training with him. She has also studied Yin yoga and anatomy with Paul Grilley, Insight yoga with Sarah Powers, and Vinyasa Krama with Srivatswa Ramaswami. An eclectic soul, Cheryl likes many styles of yoga and loves to learn something new from every teacher she studies with.

She has been supported in her love of yoga by her husband Pete, and is grateful for the teaching gene she inherited from her Dad, and for her Mom’s encouragement to “always be yourself”. She loves her yoga students, her home, her friends, her family, and her lovely dog Reina. Not to mention a great movie and a big bowl of popcorn!

Yoga has been her “experience of a lifetime – always new, always present and always life-affirming.”