Flow Yoga Classes at Yoga on 45th

What is Flow Yoga?

Flow Yoga is a form of Yoga that directly ties your breathing to your body movements, one pose flows into the next pose and is therefore more vigorous and athletic. Flow Yoga is not recommended for beginners. To take part in a flow yoga class, it is recommended that you have no injuries and have some knowledge of yoga.

Flow yoga is also referred to as Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga.

In addition to the intense physical workout, Flow Yoga is also a workout for the mind. Our flow yoga classes start with centering the mind and body, progress to a more physically demanding class than Hatha yoga and class ends with relaxation or meditation.

*Our hatha/flow classes can be a good introduction to our full flow classes.*

Flow Yoga sessions can very greatly from instructor to instructor so it is very important to find the right instructor for you. Check our schedule page for our flow yoga classes. 

There is less instruction in our flow yoga classes as this style of yoga moves from one pose to the next.

If you are familiar with the poses of yoga, have no injuries and would enjoy more of a physical challenge. Flow Yoga is for you. 


Flow Yoga is part of our class packages or memberships.