About us

Yoga on 45th started several years ago with a small group at a fitness business in Northwest Indiana. And when the opportunity arose in 2013 to expand into a new building, we seized it. Yoga on 45th was born.

Allison and Rose originally opened the studio as co-owners. Allison now owns the studio but you still will find Rose, a valuable resource, taking classes and happily subbing for our teachers. Many of our original yoga students still are practicing at our studio today. A few are now our very own yoga teachers.

Our vision

Yoga on 45th’s mission is to provide our students with a comfortable and inviting studio where they can restore their mind and body through the practice of yoga and meditation in a friendly environment. Yoga is for everyone. We are here to encourage you to find the classes that suit your needs and no matter what your fitness or flexibility level, honor your journey, inspire ease and confidence and instill a sense of possibility that lasts long after you have rolled up your mat.

Yoga has a profound effect on every aspect of our being, bringing awareness to the breath, increasing mindfulness, leading to a sense of general well-being. Yoga is breath integrated with movement. The breath is directly connected to the way we experience the world and our emotions. Students soon begin to feel the positive effects of the practice and notice less stress, more peace, more flexibility and an overall sense of wellness.